Top 15 bộ truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ hay

Top 15 bộ truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ hay
Top 15 bộ truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ hay
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Truyện cổ tích Tiếng Anh là những bộ truyện dân gian, được các bạn trẻ nhỏ rất ưu thích thể loại truyện đọc hấp dẫn này. Hôm nay Top 10 Vivu sẽ tổng hợp Top 15 bộ truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ hay. Hãy cùng chúng tôi tìm hiểu nhé!

Top 15 truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ

Số 1. Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh: Never tell a lie

Truyện cổ tích Tiếng Anh Never tell a lie:

On his deathbed, a father gave his son some valuable advice – to always speak the truth. The son earnestly promised his father that he would uphold this virtue and never tell a lie.

One fateful day, while the son was traveling through a forest on his way to the city, he unexpectedly found himself surrounded by a group of robbers. One of the robbers menacingly asked him, “What possessions do you have?”

Remaining true to his father’s words, the boy replied, “I have fifty rupees.”

The robbers searched him thoroughly, but to their surprise, they couldn’t find any money on him. Just as they were about to leave, the boy confidently called out, “I am not telling a lie. Look, I have hidden this fifty rupee note inside my shirt.”

The leader of the robbers was impressed and moved by the boy’s honesty. As a reward for his truthfulness, the leader gave him a hundred rupees before departing with his group. The son’s unwavering commitment to speaking the truth had saved him and even earned him a generous reward on that eventful day.

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Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh: Never tell a lie
Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh: Never tell a lie

Số 2. Truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng Anh: The Horse, Hunter and Stag

Truyện cổ tích The Horse, Hunter and Stag

Once upon a time, there was a quarrel between a Horse and a Stag. The Horse, seeking revenge on the Stag, approached a hunter for assistance.

The Hunter agreed to help but set some conditions. He said, “If you want to defeat the Stag, you must allow me to put this piece of iron between your jaws, so I can guide you with reins. I will also place a saddle on your back to keep me steady as we pursue our enemy.”

The Horse, eager to win the battle, agreed to the Hunter’s conditions. The Hunter quickly saddled and bridled the Horse.

With the guidance of the Hunter, the Horse swiftly overcame the Stag. Triumphantly, the Horse turned to the Hunter and said, “Now, get off and remove these things from my mouth and back.”

However, the Hunter had other plans. He replied, “Not so fast, my friend. Now that I have you under my control, I prefer to keep you as you are.”

This fable teaches us a valuable lesson. If you allow others to use you for their own purposes, they will continue to exploit you. It serves as a reminder to be cautious and not let others manipulate or take advantage of us.

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Số 3. Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh ngắn: Công chúa và hạt đậu

Truyện cổ tích bằng Tiếng Anh Công chúa và hạt đậu:

Once upon a time, there was a prince who dreamed of marrying a true princess. He searched far and wide across the world, seeking a princess who possessed the qualities he desired. However, everywhere he went, he encountered princesses who seemed promising but always fell short of being genuine. Disheartened, he returned home, yearning to find a real princess.

One stormy evening, a loud knocking echoed at the city gate. The old king hurried to answer the door and was surprised to find a drenched princess standing before him. The rain and wind had disheveled her appearance, but she claimed to be a real princess.

Curious to test her claim, the old queen devised a clever plan. In the bedroom, she removed all the bedding from the bedstead and placed a single pea on the bottom. She then piled twenty mattresses and twenty eider-down beds on top of the pea. The princess was instructed to spend the night on this extraordinary bed.

The following morning, the queen inquired about her sleep. The princess complained, “Oh, I slept terribly! I could hardly close my eyes all night. There was something hard in the bed, and I am covered in bruises. It was dreadful!”

With these words, the king and queen knew they had found a genuine princess. Only someone with extreme sensitivity could feel a tiny pea hidden beneath twenty layers of mattresses and eider-down beds.

Delighted that the princess had passed the test, the prince joyfully married her. The pea, which had revealed her true identity, was carefully preserved and placed in the museum, a testament to the authenticity of the prince’s beloved. And so, they lived happily ever after.

Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh ngắn: Công chúa và hạt đậu tiếng Anh
Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh ngắn: Công chúa và hạt đậu tiếng Anh

Số 4. Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ: Cô bé tí hon

Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ Cô bé tí hon

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived an old woman who longed for a child. One day, a lady knocked on her door and offered to grant her a wish. The old woman, filled with compassion and knowing exactly what she desired, welcomed the lady inside. To her surprise, the lady was incredibly beautiful.

The lady slept peacefully through the night and before departing, she asked the old woman about her wish. The old woman expressed her heartfelt desire for a child. The lady, taken aback by this simple request, handed the old woman a tiny seed and gave her instructions. She was to plant the seed, care for it, water it, and shower it with love. If she followed these steps faithfully, she would have her child.

The old woman diligently followed the lady’s instructions. Within a week, a beautiful yellow flower bloomed from the seed. To her astonishment, inside the flower was a tiny girl no bigger than her thumb. The old woman named her Thumbelina and crafted a golden-threaded dress for her. Thumbelina brought immense joy and happiness to the old woman’s life, sleeping in a cozy walnut shell.

One fateful day, while Thumbelina was napping, a frog hopped into the room and proclaimed that Thumbelina would make the perfect bride for her son. Carrying Thumbelina away, the frog left her on a lily pad and went off to find her son. Thumbelina cried for help, and some friendly guppies chewed the lily pad’s roots, allowing her to escape. The lily pad carried her away until it finally stopped floating.

During the summer, Thumbelina survived by eating berries and drinking dew from leaves. However, when winter arrived, she needed shelter. A kind mouse offered her a place to stay but informed her that she would have to marry her friend, Mole, as she couldn’t keep her for another winter.

The next day, Thumbelina met Mole in his tunnels. Along the way, she discovered an injured bird and nursed it back to health. As soon as the bird was strong enough, it flew away. Thumbelina nearly had to marry Mole that fall, but then she heard a familiar tweet. The bird had returned and offered her an escape to a warm country.

Thumbelina happily hopped onto the bird’s back and flew to the warm country. The people there, recognizing her uniqueness, renamed her Erin. She eventually married a prince and lived happily ever after.

This enchanting tale of Thumbelina teaches us about the power of hope, perseverance, and the kindness of others. Despite facing challenges and hardships, Thumbelina’s journey led her to a life filled with love, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Số 5. Truyện hay nhất: The Crow and the Pitcher

During a drought, when the Birds struggled to find water, a thirsty Crow stumbled upon a pitcher containing a little water. However, the pitcher had a tall neck, and no matter how hard the Crow tried, he couldn’t reach the water. He felt as though he might perish from thirst.

But the clever Crow didn’t give up. An idea dawned on him. He collected some small pebbles and dropped them one by one into the pitcher. Each pebble caused the water level to rise slightly until, at last, it was close enough for him to take a refreshing drink.

The Crow learned a valuable lesson from this experience: in difficult situations, using our wits and intelligence can be the key to solving problems. With ingenuity and resourcefulness, even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome.

Truyện hay nhất: The Crow and the Pitcher
Truyện hay nhất: The Crow and the Pitcher

Số 6. Truyện cổ tích phụ đề tiếng Anh: The Perfect Heart

Truyện cổ tích Tiếng Anh ngắn The Perfect Heart

Once upon a time, in a bustling town, a young man stood proudly, declaring that he possessed the most beautiful heart in the entire valley. A crowd quickly gathered around him, eager to catch a glimpse of this extraordinary heart. And indeed, it was a sight to behold. Perfectly formed, without a single mark or flaw, the young man’s heart radiated beauty. The crowd marveled at its perfection, agreeing that it was the most exquisite heart they had ever seen.

Basking in the admiration, the young man boasted even more loudly about the beauty of his heart. But just as his pride reached its peak, an old man appeared before the crowd and calmly stated, “Your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine.”

Surprised and intrigued, both the young man and the crowd turned their attention to the old man’s heart. What they saw astonished them. Though scarred and worn, the old man’s heart beat strongly. It had pieces missing, replaced by others that didn’t quite fit, leaving jagged edges and deep gouges. At first glance, it seemed far from perfect.

Confusion filled the air. How could this old man claim that his heart was more beautiful? The young man laughed, unable to comprehend the old man’s words. “You must be joking,” he scoffed. “Compare your flawed heart to mine. Mine is perfect, while yours is a mess of scars and tears.”

Calmly, the old man replied, “Yes, my heart may appear imperfect, but I would never trade it for yours. Each scar represents a person to whom I have given my love. I have willingly shared pieces of my heart with them, and in return, they have shared a piece of theirs with me. Although these pieces don’t fit perfectly, they are precious to me. They remind me of the love we have shared. Sometimes, I have given my heart freely, only to receive nothing in return. These empty gouges are a reminder that love comes with risks. And although they may cause pain, they remain open, reminding me of the love I hold for those individuals. I hope that someday, they may return and fill the spaces I have kept for them. Now, do you understand what true beauty is?”

The young man stood in silence, tears streaming down his cheeks. Moved by the old man’s wisdom, he approached him with trembling hands. From his perfect, youthful heart, he tore a piece and offered it to the old man. The old man accepted the gift, placing it into his own scarred heart. In return, he took a jagged piece from his heart and gently placed it into the wound of the young man’s heart. It fit, though imperfectly, as jagged edges met.

Looking at his heart, the young man realized that it was no longer perfect in appearance. Yet, it had become more beautiful than ever, for it now carried the love that flowed from the old man’s heart. Embracing each other, the two walked away side by side, united by their shared understanding. And in that moment, they realized that it would be a sad existence to go through life with a heart untouched by love and the experiences that shape it.

Số 7. Truyện ngắn hay: Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a poor widow and her son, Jack. They had nothing much except their old cow, which was their only source of income. One day, the widow decided it was time to sell the cow to get some money for their needs. She asked Jack to take the cow to the market and sell it.

On his way to the market, Jack met a strange man who offered him five magic beans in exchange for the cow. Curious about the magic beans, Jack agreed to the trade and returned home with the beans instead of the expected money.

When Jack’s mother saw the beans, she was furious and scolded him for his foolishness. In her anger, she threw the beans out of the window. Disheartened and hungry, Jack went to bed without dinner.

To his surprise, the next morning, Jack discovered a gigantic beanstalk had grown right outside his window from the magic beans. Eager to explore, Jack climbed up the enormous beanstalk, which led him high above the clouds into a kingdom in the sky.

In this heavenly kingdom, he encountered a formidable giant and his kind-hearted wife. Hungry and seeking help, Jack asked the giant’s wife for food. She gave him bread and milk. However, when the giant returned home, Jack hid in fear.

The giant’s menacing presence scared Jack, and he overheard the giant chanting about smelling an Englishman and grinding his bones to make bread. Thankfully, the giant’s wife protected Jack and assured the giant there was no one there.

During the night, while the giant slept, Jack managed to steal a sack of gold coins and brought it back to his mother. They were finally relieved from their poverty and lived comfortably for a while.

Driven by curiosity and greed, Jack returned to the giant’s castle twice more. On his second visit, he acquired a magical hen that laid golden eggs, and on his third visit, he attempted to take the giant’s enchanted harp that played beautiful melodies.

However, his last visit didn’t go unnoticed. The harp alerted the giant, and Jack had to run for his life. He chopped down the beanstalk, causing the giant to fall and perish.

With the giant defeated and their newfound wealth, Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. They learned the value of courage, wit, and kindness in their extraordinary adventure, and their lives were forever changed by the magic of the beans.

Truyện ngắn hay: Jack and the Beanstalk
Truyện ngắn hay: Jack and the Beanstalk

Số 8. Truyện đọc ngắn gọn: The Beer and The Bees

Truyện cổ tích Tiếng Anh The Beer and The Bees

The story tells about a bear who came across a wooden log where a hive of bees had made their home. Out of curiosity, the bear approached the hive and got stung on the nose by a bee. Filled with anger, the bear vigorously destroyed the hive. The swarm of bees retaliated and swiftly stung the bear, causing it to swell up. With no other choice, the bear had to jump into a nearby pond.

The lesson learned: It is better to endure a single pain in silence rather than subject oneself to a multitude of injuries by reacting in anger.

Số 9. Truyện đọc hay nhất: The Ass’s Brains

“The Ass’s Brains,” or “The Donkey’s Brains,” is an English fairy tale that revolves around the Fox, the Lion, and the Donkey. The Lion and the Fox proposed an alliance with the Donkey. The Donkey believed in their proposition and felt very happy about the prospect of peace.

However, when the Donkey arrived, the Lion pounced on the Donkey, claiming it was their dinner. While the Lion was momentarily distracted, the Fox quickly devoured the Donkey’s brains and cleverly explained that it happened when the Donkey fell into a trap.

Lesson learned: We should not easily trust our enemies.

Truyện đọc hay nhất: The Ass’s Brains
Truyện đọc hay nhất: The Ass’s Brains

Số 10. Truyện hay: The Ant and The Grasshopper

Truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng Anh The Ant and The Grasshopper

The story goes that in the chilly days of late autumn, there was a grasshopper who went begging for food from a colony of ants. Upon hearing this, the ants inquired and discovered that the reason behind the grasshopper’s plight was its preoccupation with singing throughout the summer instead of preparing food reserves for the winter. The ants felt indignant and disregarded the grasshopper, continuing with their own tasks.

The lesson for children: Be diligent and make efforts in your work to prepare for the future.

Số 11. Truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng Anh: The Apple Tree

The English fairy tale “The Apple Tree” is about a boy who loved playing with an apple tree. As he grew older, he stopped playing with the tree.

One day, he returned and asked the tree for apples to sell and buy toys. The tree gladly gave him its fruits.

On his second visit, the boy was now a family man and wanted to build a house. The tree offered him its branches to build a home.

The third time, the boy returned as an old man, seeking a boat to travel. The tree selflessly offered its trunk to be made into a boat.

One day, the tree saw the old man returning, and now he only had its stump left. Yet, the tree felt truly happy because the old man found comfort and rest by its side.

The lesson to be learned from this story is that the tree symbolizes our parents. In our childhood, we enjoy spending time with our parents, but as we grow up, we tend to only turn to them in times of need. However, no matter what happens, our parents are always there, waiting with love and willing to give us everything they have. Let’s always cherish, care for, and visit our parents regularly.

Truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng Anh: The Apple Tree
Truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng Anh: The Apple Tree

Số 12. Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh ngắn: The Naughty Sheep

Truyện cổ tích Tiếng Anh ngắn The Naughty Sheep

The start of the 20-book series by authors Heather Amery & Stephen Cartwright cannot be overlooked without mentioning the story “The Naughty Sheep” – the mischievous little lamb. This English children’s story, with its charming illustrations, revolves around Woolly, the mischievous black-eyed sheep, and his exciting short adventure with his little friend Poppy and their family.

In “The Naughty Sheep,” readers are introduced to the playful and curious character of Woolly. With his black eyes shining mischievously, Woolly is always up to something fun and adventurous. The story takes place in a picturesque countryside where Woolly lives with his loving family and his adorable little friend Poppy.

The tale unfolds as Woolly embarks on a series of escapades, often driven by his insatiable curiosity. From exploring hidden corners of the meadow to venturing into the neighboring farm, Woolly’s adventurous spirit knows no bounds. Each adventure brings a new twist, filled with humorous and heartwarming moments that captivate young readers.

Accompanied by the delightful illustrations by Stephen Cartwright, the story comes alive with vibrant colors and adorable characters. The illustrations beautifully depict the idyllic countryside, capturing the essence of Woolly’s mischievous nature and the joy of his escapades.

As the story progresses, readers follow Woolly’s journey of self-discovery and friendship. Through his misadventures, Woolly learns valuable lessons about responsibility, trust, and the importance of family. Along the way, he forms a special bond with Poppy, whose loyalty and kindness become a guiding light in his playful endeavors.

“The Naughty Sheep” is not only an entertaining story but also an educational tool for young readers. It introduces vocabulary related to farm animals, nature, and everyday objects, expanding children’s language skills in an engaging and enjoyable way. The story also highlights the importance of imagination, exploration, and the wonders of the natural world.

With its endearing characters and captivating narrative, “The Naughty Sheep” sets the stage for the enchanting journey that awaits young readers in the rest of the series. Each book in the series promises new adventures, valuable life lessons, and moments of laughter and warmth that will keep children engaged and eager to read more.

In conclusion, the start of Heather Amery & Stephen Cartwright’s 20-book series is marked by the delightful story “The Naughty Sheep.” Through the mischievous antics of Woolly and the heartwarming bond he shares with Poppy, young readers are taken on an enchanting journey filled with joy, discovery, and the magic of childhood. The combination of engaging storytelling and adorable illustrations makes this English children’s book a must-read for kids seeking fun, adventure, and valuable life lessons.

Số 13. Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ: The Grumpy Goat

The main character of this story is a feisty and cantankerous goat named Daisy. Daisy is known for her strong-willed and stubborn nature, making it quite challenging for the little friends at Apple Tree Farm to deal with her at times. However, despite her difficult personality, the children have grown fond of Daisy and are determined to help her in any way they can.

One sunny morning at the farm, the children notice that Daisy’s pen is in quite a messy state. The straw is scattered all around, and there’s a pile of dirt in one corner. They know that Daisy is expecting a baby goat soon, and they want to create a clean and comfortable environment for her and her newborn.

But getting Daisy to cooperate is no easy task. Whenever the children approach her pen with a broom or a shovel, she snorts and tries to chase them away. Undeterred, the children come up with a plan. They decide to bring some of Daisy’s favorite treats to entice her into a corner while they quickly clean the other parts of the pen. Slowly but surely, they manage to tidy up a small area.

Seeing that Daisy is still uneasy, the kids decide to decorate her pen with colorful flowers and soft blankets to make it more inviting. They also add a gentle touch of calming music to soothe her nerves. Gradually, Daisy starts to relax and become more receptive to their efforts.

The children then come up with an ingenious idea to build a small, cozy shelter for Daisy’s baby. They use some wooden planks, straw, and soft fabric to create a comfortable and warm nesting spot. Daisy seems to appreciate their efforts, as she starts inspecting the new shelter and even lies down inside it.

As the days pass, the bond between the children and Daisy grows stronger. They spend more time with her, talking and singing, hoping that their love and care will ease her stress during the pregnancy. The children also take turns staying by her side during the night, making sure they are there when the baby goat arrives.

Finally, the long-awaited day comes. The children wake up to the sound of tiny bleats echoing across the farm. Daisy has given birth to a beautiful baby goat! The kids rush to her pen to see the adorable little creature snuggled up next to its mother. They feel a sense of pride and joy, knowing that they played a part in making this possible.

From that day on, Daisy’s attitude seems to soften, and she becomes more friendly and affectionate with the children. The bond between them deepens even further as they continue to care for the new addition to the farm family.

This heartwarming tale teaches us the power of love, patience, and determination. It shows that even the most challenging situations can be overcome with a little creativity and kindness. And most importantly, it reminds us of the special connections we can form with animals and the joy that comes from helping others in need. At Apple Tree Farm, Daisy the goat and her baby have found a loving and caring family in the hearts of the children.

Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ: The Grumpy Goat
Truyện cổ tích tiếng Anh song ngữ: The Grumpy Goat

Số 14. Truyện đọc hay: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Truyện cổ tích bằng Tiếng Anh The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The story is a delightful combination of whimsical illustrations and simple vocabulary, recounting the tale of a ravenous caterpillar. Day by day, the caterpillar indulges in a variety of delectable treats, gradually transforming into a stunning butterfly. Each page of the story serves as a learning opportunity for children, allowing them to practice counting numbers and expand their vocabulary related to different types of food.

As children follow the caterpillar’s journey, they not only develop their numerical skills but also enhance their knowledge of food vocabulary. The colorful and engaging illustrations captivate their attention and make the learning experience enjoyable and interactive. From counting bites of fruit to identifying different types of food, this book offers a wonderful blend of entertainment and education.

Moreover, this book serves as a valuable resource for parents, as it presents an excellent opportunity to engage with their children and foster a love for reading. By reading this story together, parents can actively participate in their child’s learning process, discussing the illustrations, identifying the various foods, and encouraging their little ones to practice counting.

The caterpillar’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly not only conveys a captivating storyline but also imparts a valuable lesson about growth and change. Through the journey of the caterpillar’s metamorphosis, children learn about the wonders of nature and the transformative power of time. It teaches them the importance of patience, perseverance, and embracing the process of development.

In summary, this book is a truly enriching and educational resource that parents can confidently gift to their children. Its blend of amusing illustrations, simple vocabulary, and opportunities for counting and vocabulary development make it an ideal choice for young readers. The captivating story and valuable lessons embedded within its pages will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on young minds, fostering a love for reading and learning. (1)

Số 15. Truyện hay nhất: The Little Mermaid

This is one of the most famous English children’s comic books. The story of the Little Mermaid is probably not unfamiliar to parents and kids. It revolves around a young mermaid with a deep desire to become human and lead a happy and fulfilled life with a handsome and charming prince. The tale has captured the hearts of many, enchanting readers with its magical underwater world and themes of love, sacrifice, and transformation.

In the original fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, the Little Mermaid lives in an underwater kingdom with her father, the Sea King, and her sisters. On her fifteenth birthday, she is allowed to swim to the surface and see the human world. During one of her trips, she saves a prince from drowning and falls in love with him from afar.

Driven by her desire to be with the prince, the Little Mermaid seeks the help of a sea witch, who grants her legs in exchange for her enchanting voice. The condition is that if the prince falls in love with and marries her, she will gain a human soul; otherwise, she will turn into sea foam and become an immortal spirit of the sea.

The Little Mermaid faces trials and tribulations as she adapts to life on land, unable to speak and experiencing excruciating pain with every step she takes. Despite these hardships, she dances and captures the heart of the prince, who becomes fond of her but doesn’t recognize her as the one who saved him.

Time passes, and the prince decides to marry a princess from a neighboring kingdom, breaking the Little Mermaid’s heart. On the wedding day, her sisters give her a knife from the sea witch, urging her to kill the prince and return to her mermaid form to escape her tragic fate. Instead, the Little Mermaid chooses to die and dissolves into sea foam just as the sun sets.

However, her selfless sacrifice grants her an opportunity to gain an immortal soul and ascend to the daughters of the air, who give her a chance to earn a soul by doing good deeds for 300 years. Through her acts of kindness and selflessness, the Little Mermaid eventually earns a soul and finds eternal happiness.

The original version of “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen is a bittersweet tale of love, sacrifice, and the consequences of pursuing one’s dreams. It serves as a reminder that not all stories have a fairy-tale ending, but the journey itself and the lessons learned along the way are invaluable.

Truyện hay nhất: The Little Mermaid
Truyện hay nhất: The Little Mermaid

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