Top 15 bộ truyện thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh hay nhất

Top 15 bộ truyện thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh hay nhất
Top 15 bộ truyện thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh hay nhất
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Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh là những bộ truyện tranh hay dành cho thiếu nhi, mang lại nhiều cảm giác vui vẻ và những câu chuyện hay dành cho thiếu nhi. Hôm nay Top 10 Vivu sẽ tổng hợp Top 15 bộ truyện thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh hay nhất. Hãy cùng chúng tôi tìm hiểu nhé!

Top 15 truyện thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh hay

Số 1. Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: My dad

Hello, my name is Lottie, and I’m ten years old. I reside in England with my dad and my sister, and I’d love to introduce you to my dad, Paul.

Meet my dad, Paul. He’s 46 years old and has a striking combination of black and grey hair that complements his piercing green eyes – and guess what, I have green eyes too!

Most mornings, my dad is an early riser. He takes charge of preparing our breakfast, and on some days, he even drops me off at school. In the picture, you can see my dad diligently working on my breakfast.

My dad is a teacher, but he doesn’t teach kids like me. Instead, he teaches grown-ups who work alongside him. In the picture, he’s busy at his workplace, doing what he’s passionate about.

By around 5 o’clock, my dad returns home from work. Sometimes, we team up to cook dinner together, like the time when I helped make a delicious pasta sauce, as you can see in the picture.

After dinner, my dad often lends a hand with my homework, especially when it comes to math – a subject I really enjoy!

In the evenings, we wind down in various ways. We might watch TV together or get lost in a good book. Reading is a shared love between my dad and me, and I cherish the moments we spend immersed in our favorite stories.

On the weekends, our adventures take a different turn. Sometimes we visit the library, where I have the delightful task of selecting new books to explore, as you can see in the picture.

Other times, we head to the cinema for a movie or to a concert. My dad is a music enthusiast, and I’ve learned to appreciate different genres thanks to him. Though I must admit, some concerts can be a tad dull!

Despite the occasional boredom at concerts, I feel incredibly fortunate to live with my dad and my sister. Our home is filled with warmth, love, and shared interests, making it a wonderful place to grow up.

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Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: My dad
Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: My dad

Số 2. Truyện Tiếng Anh thiếu nhi: The two frogs

One day, two adventurous frogs found themselves near a tempting pot of cream. Their curiosity got the better of them, and they decided to peer inside. As they peered in, they lost their footing and tumbled into the pot, finding themselves trapped in the thick, white liquid. Panic set in as they realized they couldn’t simply hop out of this predicament. So, they began to swim desperately around and around in the creamy pool.

One of the frogs, consumed by fear, croaked, “Oh, this is the end of my life!” With those words of despair, it stopped swimming and slowly sank beneath the surface.

But the second frog was made of sterner stuff. Brimming with determination and intelligence, it refused to give in to despair. Instead, it continued to swim vigorously, furiously beating the cream with its small feet. With each powerful stroke, the cream began to change, gradually thickening and forming into a solid mass. The cream was transforming into a ball of butter.

As the cream solidified beneath its feet, the brave and clever frog seized the opportunity. It hopped onto the newly formed ball of butter, using it as a makeshift raft. With one mighty leap, the frog propelled itself out of the pot, escaping the creamy trap that had ensnared its companion.

This tale of two frogs serves as a timeless reminder that in the face of adversity, courage, perseverance, and ingenuity can lead to triumph, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Số 3. Truyện Tiếng Anh dành cho thiếu nhi: The Boy and the Nuts

Once upon a time, a curious little boy decided to explore a jar filled to the brim with nuts. Eager to enjoy as many as possible, he plunged his hand into the jar, determined to grasp a handful.

However, as he tried to withdraw his hand, he encountered an unexpected problem. The jar’s neck was much narrower than he had anticipated, and his clenched hand, now laden with nuts, simply wouldn’t fit through.

The little boy’s heart sank as he realized he might lose the precious nuts he had worked so hard to grab. Overwhelmed by frustration and disappointment, he began to cry.

Fortunately, his mother happened to be nearby and noticed his distress. With a gentle and wise smile, she offered her son some valuable advice.

“Sometimes, my dear, we must learn to be content with half as much,” she told him. “If you let go of some of those nuts, your hand will easily slip out of the jar, and you’ll still have plenty to enjoy.”

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Truyện Tiếng Anh dành cho thiếu nhi: The Boy and the Nuts
Truyện Tiếng Anh dành cho thiếu nhi: The Boy and the Nuts

Số 4. Truyện tranh: Một quả bóng bay buộc vào cái đuôi

Today marked the arrival of New Year’s Day, a special occasion for Kerry, a young mouse, and her mother. Their plan for the morning was a visit to Kerry’s grandmother, and Kerry couldn’t be more thrilled, adorned in her finest attire. As they made their way to grandma’s house, a friendly little rabbit spotted them and greeted Kerry with warm admiration, “Good morning, Kerry. You look absolutely lovely today.”

Kerry blushed at the compliment and replied, “Thank you so much.”

The observant rabbit couldn’t help but notice Kerry’s striking tail, which seemed to extend all the way to the ground. “But Kerry,” the rabbit continued, “look at your beautiful tail! It’s practically touching the ground!”

Startled, Kerry exclaimed, “Oh my goodness!” She quickly used her tiny hands to lift and carry her long tail off the ground.

Just then, a playful dog with a massive balloon appeared on the scene. The curious dog couldn’t help but inquire, “Why are you carrying your tail, Kerry?”

Kerry replied with a hint of embarrassment, “Because it was touching the ground, and I didn’t want it to get dirty.”

With a friendly grin, the dog reassured her, “Oh, don’t worry about that! I can help you.” Without hesitation, the dog tied a substantial balloon to Kerry’s tail, which lifted it high into the air. “There you go,” the dog declared cheerfully. “Now your tail won’t touch the ground anymore.”

Kerry couldn’t help but smile at the unexpected assistance from her new canine friend. As they continued their journey to grandmother’s house, she felt grateful for the kindness she had encountered on this special New Year’s Day, and her balloon-tethered tail added an extra touch of whimsy to her already joyous outfit.

Số 5. Truyện ngắn thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh: A Nice Young Man

Under the brilliant rays of the sun, a serene scene unfolds in the garden outside the old lady’s house. A young man diligently wields a lawnmower, expertly cutting the grass with care. Inside her cozy abode, the elderly woman watches him with a heart full of gratitude and admiration.

With a gentle smile, she remarks to herself, “He is cutting grass for me!”

Inspired by the young man’s kindness, she decides to step out into the garden and personally express her appreciation. Approaching him, she kindly inquires, “Why are you cutting grass for me, young man?”

In a humble and warm tone, the young man replies, “Today’s my day off, and I noticed that you, dear lady, live alone. I wanted to do something helpful for you.”

Moved by his selflessness, the old lady’s eyes twinkle with gratitude. “You are truly kind-hearted, my dear,” she says. “Please, come inside my home and join me for a cup of tea.”

The young man graciously accepts her offer, but not without a sense of duty. He insists, “Thank you, ma’am, but I’d like to finish the work first.”

An hour later, when the old lady steps back into her garden, she is met with a delightful surprise. The young man is nowhere to be seen, but the garden has been transformed into a neat and pristine sanctuary.

Overwhelmed by the young man’s thoughtfulness, the old lady can’t help but exclaim, “What a genuinely wonderful young man!” In her heart, she carries not only the memory of her beautifully maintained garden but also the kindness and goodwill of a stranger who brightened her day with his selfless act.

Truyện ngắn thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh: A Nice Young Man
Truyện ngắn thiếu nhi bằng Tiếng Anh: A Nice Young Man

Số 6. Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: Who’s Broken a Window

Billy and Bobby were two young brothers who, more often than not, found themselves engaged in sibling squabbles. Their mother, however, decided that she had had enough of their bickering last Saturday and sternly told them, “I’m going to prepare our lunch now. Go outside and enjoy some time in the garden… and please, behave yourselves.”

With a reluctant nod, the two boys agreed, “Yes, Mummy,” and made their way outdoors. For a while, they played together in the garden, seemingly getting along just fine. But as it often goes with siblings, peace was short-lived.

After about half an hour of play, it was Billy who made an unexpected visit to the kitchen. His face was filled with concern as he reported to his mother, “Mummy, you won’t believe it, but Bobby has broken a window at Mrs. Allen’s house.” Mrs. Allen happened to be one of their nearby neighbors.

His mother, clearly exasperated, responded, “That’s not good at all. How in the world did he manage to break it?”

Billy hesitated for a moment before confessing, “Well, you see, Mummy, I threw a stone at him, and he quickly moved… right into Mrs. Allen’s window.”

His mother sighed deeply, realizing that her two spirited boys had found yet another way to test her patience. It was clear that there was still much room for improvement when it came to their behavior.

Số 7. Truyện Tiếng Anh thiếu nhi: Doing as Mum Told

Tom was just seven years old, on the cusp of starting school. He was generally a well-behaved boy, but there was one thing he truly disliked: early mornings. Tom had a habit of sleeping in until a leisurely nine or ten o’clock in the morning.

Understanding the importance of punctuality for school, Tom’s mother decided to take action. She purchased an alarm clock and firmly told Tom, “You must rise when you hear the clock ring.” From that day onward, Tom dutifully obeyed the alarm, springing out of bed when it chimed at six-thirty each morning.

However, life often throws us unexpected surprises. One fateful day, the alarm clock failed to perform its duty. Tom remained sound asleep at six-thirty, leaving his mother with no choice but to rouse him from slumber. She asked, somewhat bewildered, “Tom, why didn’t you get up? You woke up early.”

Tom, still groggy from sleep, defended himself, saying, “Well, I did wake up early, but you told me to get up when I heard the clock ring. So, I’m still here, waiting for that bell to ring.”

Tom’s innocent logic made his mother chuckle despite her initial annoyance. It seemed that the alarm clock had taught Tom to be obedient, even if it sometimes had a mind of its own.

Truyện Tiếng Anh thiếu nhi: Doing as Mum Told
Truyện Tiếng Anh thiếu nhi: Doing as Mum Told

Số 8. Truyện Tiếng Anh dành cho thiếu nhi: Never tell a lie

On his deathbed, a father imparted a valuable piece of advice to his son that would shape the young man’s life. With a sincere tone, the father said, “Always remember, my son, to speak the truth, no matter what.”

Deeply moved by his father’s words and wanting to honor his memory, the son made a solemn promise that he would uphold this principle throughout his life. He resolved never to utter a falsehood.

One fateful day, as he embarked on a journey to the city, his path led him through a dense and eerie forest. To his dismay, he found himself surrounded by a group of menacing robbers. One of the robbers, eager to assess their potential gain, inquired, “What do you have, young man?”

Without a hint of hesitation or fear, the boy replied with unwavering honesty, “I have fifty rupees.”

The robbers proceeded to search him thoroughly, but to their bewilderment, they could not locate a single rupee on his person. Growing frustrated, they were on the verge of abandoning their fruitless endeavor and leaving him be.

However, just before they departed, the boy called out earnestly, “I assure you, I am not telling a lie. Please, take a look at this fifty rupee note, which I had cleverly hidden within my shirt.”

Upon witnessing the young man’s unshakable commitment to the truth, the leader of the robbers couldn’t help but admire his honesty and integrity. In a surprising twist of fate, the robber handed the boy a hundred rupees as a reward for his unwavering truthfulness. With that, the robbers retreated, leaving the boy both astounded and relieved, realizing that his father’s wisdom had not only saved him from harm but had also rewarded him in unexpected ways.

Số 9. Truyện tranh thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: A Cat and a Dog

The room was bustling with activity as a series of playful events unfolded. A sleek black cat gracefully leaped onto a chair, where it cast a curious glance down at a white dog contentedly gnawing on a bone. The dog paid little attention to the cat’s arrival.

Seizing an opportunity, the cat decided to take a playful leap onto the dog’s back. Despite the unexpected passenger, the dog remained unfazed and continued to diligently chew on its bone. The cat, undeterred, began to amuse itself by batting at the dog’s wagging tail.

As the cat entertained itself, the dog remained focused on its bone-chewing mission. After a while, the cat hopped back onto the chair, casually licking its paws, while the dog, finally acknowledging the cat’s presence, affectionately licked the cat’s fur. A heartwarming exchange of affection transpired between the two.

However, the peace was disrupted by the sudden entrance of a young boy dressed in a bright yellow shirt, racing through the room. He nearly collided with the chair upon which the cat had perched. In a swift reflex, the cat gracefully leaped off the chair and landed on the nearby sofa.

In the chaos that ensued, the chair tumbled to the floor beside the dog. Surprised by the commotion, the dog abandoned its bone-chewing and sprang to its feet. Without hesitation, it chased after the boy, who had darted out onto the street, where he promptly hurled a stick. The dog eagerly pursued the stick and, after a spirited chase, eventually settled down to chew on its newfound toy, bringing a lively sequence of events to a momentary pause.

 A Cat and a Dog
Truyện tranh thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: A Cat and a Dog

Số 10. Truyện ngắn hay nhất: Late for Work

I arrived home around six in the evening, and my wife greeted me with a concerned tone, asking, “Are you tired, Ted?”

I shook my head and replied, “No, not tired, but I’m quite hungry.”

She reassured me, “Dinner will be ready in about an hour.”

Curiosity got the best of her, and she inquired, “Did you manage to catch your train this morning?”

Regretfully, I admitted, “No, I didn’t. I had to run all the way to the station and finally got there at four minutes past nine.”

She seemed puzzled and probed further, “Which train did you end up catching?”

I responded, “I caught the nine-fifteen.”

A hint of worry crossed her face as she asked, “What time did you arrive at the office?”

I sighed and replied, “I got there at ten o’clock.”

At this point, my wife couldn’t contain her astonishment and exclaimed, “Ten o’clock? Wasn’t the boss angry?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I said, “Surprisingly, no, he wasn’t at the office either. He arrived at ten thirty. It seems like neither of us managed to catch that morning train.”

Số 11. Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: An Apple Pie

In the orchard, a magnificent tree hung heavy with ripe, red apples, a sight that would make any passerby’s mouth water. A diligent farmer rode atop his trusty brown horse, and their journey led them beneath this very tree. The farmer couldn’t resist the temptation, so he halted his horse and stretched his arm toward a plump apple, plucking it gently from a swaying branch. He wasted no time biting into the juicy, raw apple, savoring its sweet and crisp flesh. His appreciation for nature’s bounty shone in his eyes.

The horse, curious about its rider’s snack, turned its head to investigate. The farmer, with a generous heart, plucked another apple and offered it to the horse. The horse accepted the gift with gratitude and munched contentedly on the raw apple, relishing the refreshing taste.

With a fruitful harvest in mind, the farmer proceeded to collect a dozen apples, storing them carefully in a sturdy bag. Together with his horse, they trotted homeward, guided by the setting sun.

Upon arrival, the horse was comfortably settled into the barn, while the farmer ventured into his cozy home. His loyal cat greeted him with a friendly nuzzle, and in response, he poured the feline a bowl of warm milk. Settling onto the sofa with a well-worn book, the farmer was soon engrossed in the pages.

As the evening unfolded, his wife returned home. She busied herself in the kitchen, transforming the raw apples into a delicious apple pie. Their dinner consisted of warm bread and hearty soup, a comforting meal that warmed their hearts and filled their bellies.

For dessert, they indulged in the freshly baked apple pie, its aroma filling the room with a mouthwatering fragrance. Both the farmer and his wife savored every bite, cherishing the taste of the apples they had picked from their own tree. In each other’s company, they found solace and joy, truly appreciating the simple yet profound pleasures of life.

An Apple Pie
Truyện thiếu nhi Tiếng Anh: An Apple Pie

Số 12. Truyện Tiếng Anh thiếu nhi: A Good Meal

The children’s stomachs rumbled with hunger as they peered out of the window, wondering where their mother could be. Moments later, relief swept over them as they spotted their mother approaching the house. With eager anticipation, they dashed over to her.

“Mama, we’re so hungry,” they chorused, their voices filled with longing.

Their mother offered them a comforting smile and assured them that lunch was on its way. She made her way into the kitchen, determined to satisfy their hunger.

In the kitchen, she retrieved a can of chicken soup and carefully poured its contents into a pot. To ensure the perfect consistency, she added some water and placed the pot on the stove. Meanwhile, her skilled hands swiftly assembled two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, each one a delectable treat. She also sliced a crisp apple, preparing a refreshing side.

Soon, the aroma of the simmering soup filled the air. The children could hardly contain their excitement as their mother filled two bowls with the steaming soup. On the table, she arranged the sandwiches on separate plates and adorned each with a generous serving of apple slices. With everything set, she placed the bowls and plates on the dining table.

Eagerly, the children rushed to the table, expressing their gratitude, “Thank you, mommy!” With their appetites ready, they began to enjoy their meal. Nearby, the family’s cat and dog watched with keen interest, their eyes fixed on the tempting spread before them, although they knew it wasn’t meant for them.

Số 13. Truyện tranh hay đáng xem: No Friends for Me

Loneliness is a heavy burden to bear, and your feelings are valid. It’s not uncommon to long for friendship and companionship, especially when you see others enjoying the company of their friends. You’ve already taken some positive steps by being polite, friendly, and kind to people you meet.

It’s important to remember that forming connections can be a two-way street. While you may smile, say hello, and be nice to others, it’s also essential to reach out and express your desire to spend time with them. It can be intimidating to fear rejection, but the fear of rejection can sometimes hold us back from the very friendships we seek.

Perhaps you can start by inviting someone you’ve met to join you for an activity you enjoy, such as watching a movie or going to the park. By taking that first step, you open the door to potential friendships. Remember that not everyone will say no, and even if they do, it doesn’t reflect on your worth as a person.

Your mother’s advice has merit. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple invitation to bridge the gap between loneliness and companionship. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and give yourself the opportunity to connect with others. Over time, you may find that one friend you’re looking for, and your life can be enriched by the bonds you create.

Truyện tranh hay đáng xem: No Friends for Me
Truyện tranh hay đáng xem: No Friends for Me

Số 14. Truyện tranh hay nhất: A Birthday Bike

January 7th was just around the corner, and Benny was eagerly looking forward to his upcoming eighth birthday. He was currently a third-grader at Park Elementary School, which was conveniently only a mile away from his home. Benny’s daily routine included a brisk walk to school, a journey that took him a mere 20 minutes.

Benny was a responsible young boy, always prepared for whatever the weather threw at him. On rainy days, he would don his trusty raincoat. He used to carry an umbrella, but, alas, it had vanished somewhere along the way. Thankfully, his mother had provided him with a replacement umbrella, which Benny promptly managed to break. In a teasing tone, his mom would often say, “You and umbrellas just don’t seem to get along, do you?”

For Benny’s eighth birthday, he had a special wish in mind — a bicycle. He envisioned riding it to school, pedaling alongside his friends, and exploring his neighborhood. He imagined cycling to the nearby swimming pool on sunny afternoons and to the local library to fuel his growing love for books.

To make his birthday dream come true, Benny’s parents took him to the local bike store. They encouraged him to browse through the selection of bikes, and Benny eagerly examined each one. After careful consideration, he set his sights on a vibrant red bicycle and proudly showed it to his parents. However, his dad gently pointed out that it exceeded their budget and suggested Benny look for another option.

Undeterred, Benny returned to the display and chose a striking blue bicycle. With a nod of approval from his dad, it was decided that the blue bike was the perfect choice, the right price, and the ideal birthday gift for Benny’s upcoming eighth birthday. (1)

Số 15. Truyện đọc hay nhất: Ask Santa

The arrival of December fills the air with a sense of excitement, for it’s Christmas time once again. And what’s Christmas without the beloved figure of Santa Claus? In the household of Sara and Billy, the anticipation for this magical season knows no bounds. They eagerly await Santa’s visit, not only for the joy he brings but also for the wonderful gifts he leaves behind.

Last year, Santa didn’t disappoint. Sara was delighted to unwrap a soft teddy bear and a cheerful rubber duck. Billy, on the other hand, found a green boat and a playful rubber duck waiting for him. Those rubber ducks became treasured companions, especially during bath time, where Sara’s pink duck bobbed gracefully in the water and Billy’s blue duck danced along with the waves.

In a moment of curiosity, Billy once introduced a goldfish into his bath. For a brief time, the little fish swam gracefully, providing a moment of wonder. But sadly, the fish’s journey ended prematurely, leading to a solemn backyard burial and a touch of sadness in Billy’s heart.

As Christmas approaches this year, Sara and Billy harbor a special wish. Both of them dream of receiving bicycles as gifts. Sara has her heart set on a vibrant red bike, while Billy yearns for one in a striking shade of blue. Eager to make their wishes come true, Sara approached her mother with a heartfelt question.

“Why don’t you talk to Santa?” Sara inquired.

Mama, struck by the clever idea, responded with a smile, “That’s a wonderful suggestion, dear. When Daddy gets home, he and I will have a little chat with Santa Claus about your Christmas wishes.” The prospect of Santa granting their wishes fills the children’s hearts with hope and excitement, making this Christmas season even more magical than the last.

Truyện đọc hay nhất: Ask Santa
Truyện đọc hay nhất: Ask Santa

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